Don't get zapped by an amateur jump job. Choose the experts.

It may be tempting to try to jump-start your car battery yourself. But incorrectly connected cables can pose a threat to your battery, damage your car and create a shock hazard. Get your battery up and running again the safe and smart way with car jump-start services from Beach Towing.
Reach out to us today for roadside jump-start services in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA.

Make your battery last a little longer

If your battery is old or corroded, car jump-start services might not be a permanent solution. You might have to get your battery replaced.

To make your roadside jump-start last until you can get to the shop, you should:

  • Run your car for at least 20 minutes after the jump
  • Unplug all USB or 12-volt charging devices
  • Turn off your automatic headlights (during the day)

If roadside jump-start services don't work, Beach Towing can get your car to the shop ASAP. Call 757-719-9900 today for car jump-start services in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA.